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Zhejiang Wanma Group Special Electron Cable Co.,Ltd located in Lin’an, Zhejiang Province, China, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wanma Group (STOCK CODE:002267)which is a public  listed company manufacturing Power cable, Communication cable, Industrial cable materials ,Charging station for electric car and so on.

  Since its establishment in 1989, Wanma Special Electron Cable has been devoting to researching and manufacturing all kinds of special electron cables,after 20 years,has won outstanding reputation at the domestic and overseas market by its excellent quality and sophisticated technology. The main products in our company are :50ohm and 75ohm coaxial cable,category cable,fiber cable, Electric vehicle charging and connecting solution(EV changing wire harness, high and low voltage wire harness、manual service disconnector and power distribution unit etc.)industry data and bus cable(such as PROFIBUS,PROFINET,CAN-BUS,RS485,INTERBUS,CC-Link,IE,Industry Ethernet cable etc.),Industrial robot cables and components, Industry belt cables and components,Industrial automation cables and components,Coaxial jumper cable, Fiber jumper cable,HDMI cable,USB 3.0 &TYPE C.Our company has already been a reliable cooperation partner for a number of global well-known Fortunes 500 enterprises for many yeas. Meanwhile,our supply chain has been vertical integrated due to the vertical integration of Wanma group, 85% of the raw material achieve self-sufficiency.